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 Bio in Brief

Kim Mobey is a fine artist based in Cape Town’s creative district of Woodstock. She is well known for her powerful images and her exceptional technical skill. While taking numerous commissions and exploring myriad subjects, especially large scale portraiture and figures, her focus always comes back to the human experience and a desire to connect intimately with the viewer.

Her work is held in private collections in  the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco) as well as in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Spain, Italy,  Australia, South Africa and other countries around the world.

Kim Mobey’s work has secured the sponsorship of Sanlam Private Investments. Galleries include Gallery La La in New York City, The Cape Gallery, Spier’s Association for Visual Arts Gallery, Art at Constantia Gallery, The Atlantic Gallery, the Lisa King Gallery and  Knysna Fine Art Gallery among others.

Artist’s Statement

We live in modern world where race, religion, ethnicity and even gender roles are fluid.

In my most recent work, I explore what modern Africa means to us as Africans. I can’t reach all the places and eras that I need to explore so I steal visions of the world through the eyes of others: my friends, colleagues and historical images. I assimilate photographs, fabrics, art and videos from all over the continent and try to explore and immerse myself in my subject’s world through the medium of paint. I hybridise the images within my own subjective world view, warping them to unbalance perceptions of age, race, gender and modernity

My current work is about the beauty and paradoxes of modern Africa and the drive to transcend the tired stigma of the romanticised, colonial and primitive African. After all the current influences on Africa are the transformed children of Africa herself taken west by slaves and merchants, nurtured and weathered, that are now coming home.


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