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Human connection drives me. The situation, mindset and history of my subjects are the very things that define them.

In my most recent artwork,  I assimilate stories, culture, media and materials from all over the world and explore the interconnectedness of all humans. I hybridise the images and forms in paintings and sculpture, unbalancing perceptions of age, race, culture, gender and modernity.

My current paintings express connections I feel with the people and objects I paint.  The stories and expressions that move me are all that matters. I’ve set aside academic notions of what modern painting and art should be and I focus instead on what moves me on a very personal level.

My current sculptural work is about the beauty and paradoxes created by the emergence of humanity from Africa. I represent modern and ancient together, both to tell the stories of our shared humanity and to transcend the tired stigma of the romanticised, colonial and primitive Africa. I want to understand what makes us all so human.